Tuition and Fees
  • 1 hr per week per family--------$45.00 monthly

  • 1.5 hrs per week per family-----$60 monthly

  • 2 hrs per week per family-------$70 monthly

  • 2.5 hrs per week per family-----$78 monthly

  • 3 hrs per week per family-------$84 monthly

  • 3.5 hrs per week per family-----$88 monthly

  • 4 hrs per week per family-------$90 monthly

  • Company tuition------------------$150.00 monthly
       Each additional hour taken in a family with one company member
       is an additional $25.00. Each additional Company member in the
       family is an additional $75.00.
  • Registration Fee-----$20

  • Recital Fee-----$85 per family, which covers
          production costs and one costume.  Each additional
        routine requires an additional $30 in costume/accessory
Commerce School of Dance * 1736 N Broad St * Commerce, GA * 30529 * (706) 335-7543
Any color or style leotard & tights along with proper shoes are needed
for class.  We have a nice selection of appropriate dance wear along with
the shoes available to be ordered on the home page of our website. The
class wear and shoes that are worn each week do not have to be purchased
through us; however, the shoes and tights worn at the end of the year
recital need to have been purchased though us so that everyone is
wearing the same thing on stage.
Shoes and Class Wear
Last updated on July 22, 2018.