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It’s Showtime!

Higher quality instruction doesn’t mean more expensive instruction!

Commerce School of Dance offers dance and creative movement classes for preschoolers through adults. Led by Kim McCachren Sellers, the studio operates from the point of view of our students and families. We understand the scheduling challenges you are facing. Our Commerce, GA, studio features:

  • Two studios in one location, allowing for a wide selection of classes for each discipline at each grade level.
  • Flexible scheduling to better accommodate parents. We are often able to schedule siblings on the same day, back-to-back, or even simultaneously.
  • Deep discounts for multiple hours taken within the same family.
Dance Recitals, Commerce School of Dance, Commerce GA


We strive to make attending recitals easy for our students and families. We are known for having fun and entertaining shows!

  • The school is divided into short recitals.
  • Each non-company class performs in one recital.
  • Family members never have to wait long for their child to appear.
  • Students never have to wait long backstage.
  • Tickets are only $5.00 per person with no limit as to how many tickets may be purchased.

Tuition & Fees


Please compare our rates with that of other schools in our area! We believe you’ll be surprised. Even if you live  further away and have extra gas expenses, we think in most cases we  beat our competition! To figure total price simply add up the hours taken by each child in the family and look up the amount. The more you take the less it costs per hour. The monthly amount is based on a 36 class school year divided into 9 monthly installments.

1 hr per week per family——–$45.00 monthly

1.5 hrs per week per family—–$60 monthly

2 hrs per week per family——-$70 monthly

2.5 hrs per week per family—–$78 monthly

3 hrs per week per family——-$84 monthly

3.5 hrs per week per family—–$88 monthly

4 hrs per week per family——-$90 monthly

Company tuition——————$150.00 monthly
– Each additional hour taken in a family with one company member is an additional $25.00.
– Each additional Company member in the family is an additional $75.00.


Registration Fee—–$20 per student

Recital Fee—–$85 per family, which covers production costs and one costume (students get to keep their costumes)
– Each additional routine requires an additional $30 in costume/accessory expenses. One routine is performed for everything the child takes. For instance, a family who has a 5yr old who takes a ballet/tap class will have a recital fee of $115.00 and their child will perform two routines in the recital. And a family that has a 5yr old child taking ballet/tap with a sibling that takes ballet/tap/jazz will have a fee of  $205.00 and their children will be in a total of 5 routines.

Shoes and Class Wear

Students may wear any color or style leotard and tights with appropriate shoes for each class. All of your dance wear for class can be ordered online here or you can purchase them at places like Walmart etc. Shoes and tights for recitals must be purchased through us so that everyone is wearing the same attire on stage. With this in mind many parents purchase at least their shoes for class through us (with room to grow) in order to avoid rebuying a pair at recital time. When you order your shoes through us we recommend trying on the sample shoes in the waiting room to know what size to order as sizes sometime differ from brand to brand.

Company Dancers

Company member students take 2 ballet classes a week and are proficient also in tap, jazz, contemporary and hip hop. Members are prominently featured in our spring recital and perform at numerous local events and festivals. In addition, Commerce School of Dance Company members put on it’s annual “Christmas Spectacular!” This show is an elaborate production featuring Act 2 of” The Nutcracker” and in the second half of the show perform Rockettes’ style holiday tap and jazz selections. Over the years it has become a holiday tradition for many families in the Jackson County area! Placement in a company class is at the discretion of Ms. Kim. You do not need to have “grown up in the school” to be accepted into our company and we love to welcome new students with different experiences!


Commerce School of Dance Company members will be performing next at the following local events. Please join us!

Spring Recital,” Touch the Sky!” Hurricane Shoals Amphitheater at Hurricane Shoals Park, Maysville Ga. Free admission on hill/ bank seating. Benches are reserved at $25 a bench (holds approximately 5-7 adults)  masks are required in bench area

11:00am Little kids with Senior2 Company members

12:30pm Senior 1 Company members with special musical guest, Sean Van Meter!



Commerce School of Dance
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Saturday 9:00 AM - 3:30PM